Minister Suharso : Priorities in Jakarta Province Musrenbang

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Minister Suharso : Priorities in Jakarta Province Musrenbang

MEGAPOLITANJATIM,||The Minister of National Development Planning attends the Jakarta Provincial Development Planning Meeting (Musrenbang), on Wednesday, April 14, 2021.

“On this occasion, I also want to invite all colleagues, especially the ranks of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government and the Regency / City Governments in DKI Jakarta Province to be more optimistic about the future of regional development that we both plan,” said the Minister.

Bappenas has also identified the alignment between the focus of the 2022 RKP development with the strategic issues of DKI Jakarta Province.

“Let us take an example of a strategic issue related to anticipation of floods, robs, and inundation. In my view, this issue is not only relevant to the focus on strengthening infrastructure, but also with social protection reform, which will facilitate the distribution of aid in the event of a flood disaster, “he said.
The Minister said, to build resilience against disasters, of course, digital transformation is needed to facilitate monitoring and build a reliable early warning system.

Therefore, another strategic issue for DKI Jakarta Province which is also relevant to the focus of the 2022 RKP development is the high level of income inequality. This issue is very relevant to the focus of MSMEs which have an agenda of expanding the involvement of MSMEs in the national economy, as well as in creating job opportunities.

The Minister also emphasized that reducing income inequality needs to be supported by education and health reforms, to improve the competence and quality of human resources, so that they are better prepared to enter the job market or become entrepreneurs.

At the end of his remarks, the Minister expressed his hope that Bappenas recommendations could become the formulation of priorities for the Jakarta Province.

“It is our hope that this recommendation to address the strategic issues of DKI Jakarta Province can become the formulation of DKI Jakarta Province Regional Priorities for 2022,” he said.

Bappenas proposes at least six regional priorities to address strategic development issues in the DKI Jakarta Province, including: (1) Provision of adequate and integrated public transportation services; (2) Equitable distribution and improvement of the quality of Vocational Education and provision of business capital; (3) Provision of IT-based food control facilities, distribution of food subsidies and warehousing systems; (4) Application of a good healthy lifestyle, improving the quality of human settlements; (5) Increasing river normalization activities and protecting the north coast; and (6) Provision of adequate and safe drinking water and sanitation facilities. (Red)

Wednesday, April, 14th 2021
Public Communications Team
Ministry of National Development

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